Retirement Plan Advisors

To quote Stephen Covey, we “begin with the end in mind”. If the end goal is a successful retirement, we must first build a successful retirement plan. Then we must help participants build good financial habits, such as saving, debt reduction and liability mitigation. Helping people become ready for retirement is our corporate goal. This encompasses everyone from the CEO to your Director of First Impressions. At Western Retirement Consultants, we provide a holistic plan for everyone in the process. With frequent investment analysis, engaged plan reviews, and ongoing education we can provide a customized retirement plan solution that fits the needs of your people.

Quick questions to ask yourself:

  • Do we have the best plan for our current situation? Is it truly meeting all of our needs?
  • Are our administration staff up to speed on our plan provisions, and do the have all the tools to properly administer our plan?
  • Do we clearly understand ALL of our plan fees, and are they reasonable in the market currently?
  • How are we defining plan success, when are we measuring it, and what changes have we made in the last few years to ensure its success?
  • Are all plan stakeholders properly educated on their roles, responsibilities and liabilities? Do we have proper provisions in place to mitigate these to the greatest extent available by law?

If you aren’t happy with all of your answers, contact us today and we will see if we are able to help get you more comfortable with your plan.

“Begin with the end in mind”
Stephen Covey


PLAN DESIGN – Offering a retirement plan to employees is a great benefit, but a tailored retirement plan to help prepare those employees for retirement is often overlooked. We review the current setup of your retirement plan to determine if there are ways to enhance the plan design to benefit both the trustees and employees.

PARTICIPANT EDUCATION & COMMUNICATON – We develop and implement an ongoing strategy to educate your workforce on the specific needs of your employees. 

FIDUCIARY MANGAEMENT – Our goal is to provide a standard of care while acting solely in your best interest. We can act as a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary to your plan to help mitigate liability and to create efficiencies for your organization.

INVESTMENT MONITORING & REVIEW – Western Retirement Consultants frequently reviews the investments within your plan, while providing ongoing investment monitoring reports to our clients that address any funds that may be failing monitoring criteria.

PLAN BENCHMARK & ANALYSIS – We believe it is prudent to periodically benchmark your plan to make sure fees and services provided by all parties involved in your retirement plan are reasonable.